Terms and Conditions

Single Sets

Each set of the Solid Mount will attach (1) one standard grab bar with a 3" round flange into a fiberglass shower or fiberglass tub. The kit will consist of (2) two threaded pieces and (2) mounting cups this creates the Solid Mount bracket. The hardware that is also included in the kit is (2) 5/16" dia. lag bolts, (2) stainless steel fender washers and (6) stainless steel specialty screws.

How it Works

The Solid Mount is the strongest mounting bracket ever designed for use in fiberglass showers and tubs. This is due to the way they are mounted the Solid Mount attaches directly to the stud (2x4) in the wall that is already there. It uses 14 parts to create the strongest mounting bracket made for fiberglass enclosures. We use a 6000psi Material that the heart of the Solid Mount is made from. After making some simple adjustments the threaded bracket is attached to the stud of your home using a 5/16" dia. lag bolts along with a stainless steel washer. The next piece is the mounting cup made from the same 6000 psi. material little silicone around the hole in the wall and thread on the mounting plate this step seals the shower. Now install the second bracket the same way once that is done the bar is ready to mount. Mounting the bar is done by using the supplied screws they are a specialty screw designed for this application. That is just a quick walk though of the installation process you can down load the instruction sheet from here.

Case / Bulk

For those that have multiple bathrooms or would like Re- sell or install the Solid Mount then the case or Bulk option is for you with savings starting around 20% off retail to over 50%